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I am now inviting you to  see my album  Unlike most websites around, I avoided the cliches of nudes and endless lingerie because you already know that I am young and beautiful. What you don't know is who you are going to meet and spend time with in the real life. And the glam pictures, as gorgeous as they might look, don't offer anything else than a playboy fantasy, and not even a glimpse of the real lady you arranged to spend wonderful moments with.

Therefore, I gathered for you enough images  speaking about the real me. They are all recent, all genuine, I used my own wardrobe and they are taken in real contexts. So, from office dresses to a day in a supermarket, at the beach or in a vacation, you can get the honest idea of a genuine lady.

I am familiar with the common practice of many providers using fake and stolen images from the web. I am amazed they still do that while on the same web are several tools available to prove those images aren't actually theirs. In my case, every single picture shown in this album is genuine and original and cannot be found anywhere on the internet other than my personal ads bearing my name. 
I am presenting you with the technical prove below: 

Copyright: Anette, The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience